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Special team to probe Kamto’s murder – Ruto



A special team of detectives in Mombasa has been tasked with unraveling the mystery surrounding the shooting to death of former Kilifi deputy governor Kenneth Kamto.

Kamto was shot dead at his residence in Nyali on Jamhuri day by three masked men.

The men invaded his house in the wee hours of December 12 and shot him twice. They left without stealing anything.

On Wednesday, Deputy President William Ruto assured mourners who attended the burial in Rabai that those behind the killing must be apprehended.

“When I got the news of Kamto’s death I looked for the wife and confirmed it was true. I called the Inspector general of police and asked him to send a special team of detectives because the killing was not a normal murder,” Ruto said.

“It’s not just me or the government, even God cannot allow such people to go free,” added the DP.

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He eulogized Kamto as a dedicated leader who always forgave those who wronged him.

“He is a leader who did not harbour grudges. I knew him as a leader with a clean heart. I want to give you our commitment that we will do whatever it takes so that we can find the criminals behind this heinous act against our brother,” Ruto said.

Leaders who attended the burial blamed the police for their poor response.

Kilifi South MP Ken Chonga wondered how the murderers shot severally without attracting the attention of the police.

Kamto’s house is barely 250 metres from a police station. But when his wife went to report the murder, the area OCS was not even aware of the shooting.

“In fact, the regional police commander knew about the murder ahead of the OCS,” Chonga said.

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa accused the police of laxity. She wondered how no suspect has been apprehended to date.

“Deputy President, I want to tell you that there are people who are deliberately sleeping on their jobs. Since Kamto was killed, not even an ant has been arrested,” Jumwa said.

The legislator said the government has many tactics it can use to ensure the killers are arrested.

“We want to see officers performing their duties,” she said.

Kilifi governor Amason Kingi expressed concern over the runaway security at the coast.

“Last year when my security detail was withdrawn, some people broke into my house and stole different items. Fortunately, they did not come to the bedroom where I was sleeping,” Kingi said.

He added: “This sent a serious signal that ‘if we can break into a governor’s house, we can break into any house’,” said Kingi.

Rabai MP William Kamoti urged the government to provide security to former deputy governors.

He said once an individual ventures into politics, he makes make many known and unknown enemies.

“Even if you lose the seat, the enemies will still be there. Former deputy governors and governors should also be given security by the government just like the government is doing to senior politicians in the national government,” Kamoti said.

Kamto was buried in his Bejana farm in Rabai.

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