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Standard steps up quest to win digital readers



Standard Media Group is set to revamp its newsroom structure in a quest to win the Kenyan digital audience.

The Mombasa Road based media house is set to revert to a converged newsroom model adopted by The Nation Media Group (NMG) where all reporters get the same editorial briefs in a bid to have a similar script for its reportage across all of its platforms.

Noting consumption trends of new are changing globally, Editorial Director Joseph Odindo in a meeting with staff on Tuesday said that the organisation is keen on investing in its digital platforms.

The media group has slashed the cover price of its newspaper from Ksh 60 to Ksh 50.

Accompanying the newspaper’s flag in editions published this week is a notice of the price cut which has run all week. The management says that the move is aimed at giving back to its readers as the company celebrates 100 years in the industry.

“From December 6 grab a copy of The Standard newspaper at Ksh10 less as we say thank you for all you have done for us. As we continue to provide our loyal readers with the quality they deserve, we are giving you your ten back,” reads a notice published in the newspaper.

Standard newspaper is now the cheapest in the mainstream market compared to Ksh 60 that its rivals The Nation and The Star retail at.

The rise of digital media has been a nightmare for media organisations across the world but there are exceptions, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal are among few organisations that have worked around the trend with great success.

On the other hand, all local media houses have decried dwindling traditional media revenue and are now placing more emphasis on digital platforms.

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