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Stowaway story laid bare age-old racial prejudices



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Certain human technologies are likely to overwhelm the Third World’s mentality. For it is not usual for a human being to fall safely to earth from a man-made flying machine. In the Caucasian world, such an event is a big headline story. Yet, if such a person is kinky haired and jet-skinned, the Caucasian world will likely rush to the conclusion his race was the reason he had fallen into a stupor in such a contraption.

The usual assumption will be that the wonder of such a machine stupefied the non-Caucasian observer. But why and how had he or she arrived inside the contraption? As a consumer of “mediated information”, that is none of your business. By “mediated information” I mean information supplied through the media, all of which, in Africa’s case, belong to foreign magnates.

It was thus that, earlier in the week, the world’s media were awash with the story, supplied by one of Euro-North America’s news agencies, that a black person had fallen to earth from a flying Caucasian-made machine. Indeed, it was not uncharacteristic that London, the historic capital of a self-glorious Caucasian tribe, was where the black person had made his allegedly characteristically black blunder.

For there is always the urge to depict Third World peoples – especially blacks – in such grossly blundering and often hilarious circumstances. The peddlers of such stories are so gripped by their own inventions that they invariably forget to say just how the blunderer had found himself by the window of such a Caucasian-made flying contraption.


This information gap – namely, how the “blundering” African had arrived all the way into a London or Parisian or Roman aircraft – is, indeed, none of your business. Just how and why the individual had lost his grip and thus hurtled towards the earth, eventually splashing into the sea – was quite in the nature of almost everything on our planet (as the Caucasians have shaped it for us all).

No, there had been no commission of inquiry thereafter. For such negligent habits are quite natural among non-Caucasian human beings! They are, indeed, to be expected. Yet Caucasians it is who teach their children that, notwithstanding humanity’s outward racial differences – caused by the varying climatic conditions in which human beings live – all human beings are bio-functionally identical.

That, in terms of knowledge and technology, certain sections of our species are much more advanced than others is a fact that individual scientists in mankind’s very advanced sections – in Euro-North America itself – have completely convincingly explained. That is why I am so proud to be a member of such a thoughtful and inventive species.

Howbeit, it continues to shame me that mankind’s most advanced sections – namely, Western Europe and North America – are the ones which insist on peddling worldwide the completely unscientific and dangerous allegation that the Caucasian is by nature much more human than the Sino-Japanese and than the Negro.

What that is meant to say is that never will the Negro artificially produce anything notable. It is a conceited Caucasian attitude which any objective glance at human history worldwide will immediately reject with a wave of the hand. As Japan and China have shown, technological advance knows no race. That is how I came to know that times are coming apace when Africa and South America will be the leading technological countries of human beings.

Hopefully, then, when its time comes – and “now is”, as the Bible puts it – Africa will have learnt that technological advance is a human gift that should be shared worldwide without any of the inhuman treatments with which certain Caucasian Europeans have treated humanity throughout Europe’s techno-economic world leadership.

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