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Surprisingly, President Magufuli Bans Sharing Information On Covid-19





Tanzanian President John Magufuli’s administration has introduced new laws that restrict online content. The new rules have also illegalized organizing, planning, or even supporting any form of demonstration on the social media platform.

Magufuli also banned Tanzanians from sharing information about COVID-19 without the government’s permission.

The Tanzanian head of state has downplayed the existence of the deadly virus that has brought to a partial halt.

Activists say the new legislations are archaic and infringing on people’s freedom of expression because they also make it possible for people to be prosecuted for what they write or post on messaging platforms like WhatsApp group.

Under the laws, the authorities have done away with rules governing hate speech on the basis of sexuality and gender.

Another rights groups say since President John Magufuli rose to the helm in 2015, his administration has cracked down on the media, civil society organizations, and critics of his government.


The controversial leader acquired the name ‘bulldozer’ for the work he did as the minister for works under Ex-President Jakaya Kikwete. He was later on hailed for his anti-corruption stance and his distinct dislike for events and programs that waste public funds.

He changed to worse and now many Tanzania feel his changes are a threat to freedom of expression and business.


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