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The Standard – Kenya: Nyayo tunnels to keep hooligans away from pitch | The Standard



By John Wafula:


Friday, November 23rd 2018 at 10:18 GMT +3


Sports PS Amb Peter Kaberia at Nyayo stadium inspecting the ongoing repair works [Courtesy]

Hooliganism and pitch invasions could soon be a thing of the past when renovation works at the Nyayo National Stadium are completed.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Sports, Ambassador Kirimi Kaberia, announced that the stadium will be ready by December. But this could spell doom to a section Kenya’s ‘certified’ troublemakers.

A spot check by The Nairobian revealed that the stadium has been designed to restrict fans who might entertain thoughts of invading the pitch.

A buffer has been created between the fans and the playing pitch in the form of tunnel around the pitch.

This is one of the new features that will greet fans when the stadium is finally reopened.

But it is not only the hooligans whose activities will be restricted. Players and officials with itchy fingers will also have a rough time going about their business in the dressing room. The lockers will be fitted with coded locks. This will reduce cases where players lose valuables in the locker room as each player will have his own ‘safe’ with a secret password, known only to him.

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Also, physically-challenged persons will access the sitting area via an elevator, same as the VIPs, who will be spared the agony of ‘burning’ their expensive colognes, thanks to the short route to be created by the lifts.

The VIP entrance will be fully covered in glass, but Kirimi is not moved by the danger posed by hooligans, with the PS even daring anyone to go ahead and vandalise the facility.

“We are not going to restrict anyone or create unnecessary tension by deploying police officers at the entrance. But if they want to vandalise this facility, then let them know that they will be breaking what belongs to them. This is not a government, but Kenyan property,” said Kirimi.

Those planning to visit the toilets in the future will also have some freedom and a fresh breath of air. The ‘big office’ will for once have running water. The 30,000-seat stadium will also be fitted with seats and a canopy.

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