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Things you should never do at an end year party : The Standard



1. Do not skip the party
Office parties can be a fun affair and some people even look forward to it. However, for others it may be quite confusing and difficult handle; some opt to keep off altogether.
It is always a good idea to attend the party. It shows that you are a team player and are willing to get to know your colleagues on different level.

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It is also a chance to get to interact with your seniors in a more informal set up.
Apart from showing up, you should consider arriving on time and staying for a reasonable amount of time – an hour at least.
2. Do not get drunk
There is always that one person at the office party who goes too far, don’t be that guy!
This is one of the main mistakes that employees and managers make during office parties.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a few drinks, laughing and chatting about non-work related matters and generally having a good time, it is a party after all. But do not give in to the lure of an open bar.
Opportunities to interact with the management are generally rare, don’t blow it by slurring your words or worse.
When it comes to alcohol, limit yourself to two drinks only and avoid mixing different drinks. If you really want to let loose, you can have an after party with your friends later.
Remember, you will have to go back into that office on Monday morning, you don’t want to be the one everyone is whispering about.
3. Don’t invite random guests

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Some companies may cater for guests, others don’t.
Anyone you bring to a party can help you have fun and build new relationships. It is always good to know what the policy on guests is.
Avoid inviting spouses and friends to office parties if there is no provision for a ‘plus one’, even if your colleagues are familiar with the guest.
It may not only make things awkward, but it could also interfere with the company’s budget and expenses are such events are usually very strictly planned. 

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