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This is how NIC Bank has made my life hell, this pure theft (READ).




Long post alert: 3 years back I got in debt and i was going through a financial struggle. I was listed on CRB listings over a loan. So I struggled to find my way out and I cleared my loan. 

The Metropol Credit Reference Bureau limited gave me a certificate of clearance to show that I cleared my loan.

However I was told that my name will remain on the blacklist for the next 5years. I was told that’s how it works. So it’s been 3years.(still listed but I have no loans). Only for me to be called again that I have been listed again!!!!! because of ACCUMULATED bank charges!!!!!!of a bank account that I held with NIC-BANK. Now this has gotten me so pissed off because last year December I personally visited this NIC Bank at their Buruburu branch. 

I officially CLOSED my account ( filled a closure form) at the Buruburu branch. I left about afew ksh in it! The branch manager at BURUBURU branch kept on insisting that I should remain and operate a different kind of account with cheaper bank charges which I declined and proceeded to sign the closure form.

I have on numerous times tried to follow up my closure but the bank won’t close my account! ( I have tonnes of emails exchange and inbox written to the bank.) A month ago I reached out to this NIC-Bank to find out why my account has not been closed and is being left to accumulate bank charges it’s been ooooohhhh give us time we are checking on it…..ooooohhhh give us your I.D number…..oooo stories! This is just theft! Now am on the CRB list and it’s not my fault since I can’t close this NIC BANK account. Anyone knows a good lawyer? I want to sue! Feeling so frustrated and mad! So so pissed off!

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