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Three Kenyans arrested in Michigan for ‘working with ISIS’



Three Kenyans have been arrested in Michigan, US, for having links with ISIS.

Mohamud Muse, Muse Abdikadir and Mohamed Haji were arrested on Monday for conspiring to aid Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham by providing them with materials.

In a statement, the FBI said they had recorded themselves pledging their support to ISIS.

“They had also agreed to join ISIS and kill non-believers and to potentially use a car to for a martyrdom operation,” the statement read.

The FBI said that if the three are found guilty, they might face conspiracy charge which is punishable by a jail term of 20 years in federal prison.

This comes a week after a terror attack at DusitD2 and office complex in Kenya which claimed 21 lives.

Al Shabaab, a group linked to ISIS, claimed responsibility for the attack.

The armed men who attacked Dusit had stocked extra weapons in a room within the hotel.

Police officers discovered a stockpile of grenades and rounds of ammunition in a bulletproof room where the commander of the team was hiding before he was killed.

While some of the grenades and rounds of ammunition were on the floor, many more were found in different drawers wrapped up in hotel laundry bags.

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