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Tropikal Brands launches nutritious porridge flour



Tropikal Brands Afrika has announced the launch of Nutripro Family Porridge flour. Milled from graded maize and millet and fortified with 13 vitamins, minerals and protein, Nutripro is presented in a hygienic moisture-free premium pack that safeguards the integrity of the flour and extends the shelf life by approximately 50% of the industry average.

The launch of the porridge flour mix falls against the backdrop of shifting trends that have seen a steady rise in the uptake of traditional wholesome foods as consumers become more health conscious, and the demand for better nutrition soars. Porridge, long held as food for infants, invalids and breastfeeding mothers, today takes pride of place as a healthy and nutritious breakfast alternative for the whole family.

“As we launch Nutripro today, we are setting foot into a familiar territory, and offering a refreshing twist to a well-loved staple food. We are pleased to present to Kenyan households a first-in-kind porridge flour mix, fortified with the widest range of micronutrients, uniquely blended to deliver a smooth cooking experience, and hygienically packed to eliminate contamination”, said Davies Mukuria, Tropikal Brands Afrika Managing Director.

He said that Tropikal Brands had fostered a partnership with Africa Improved Foods to ensure sustained quality of grains sourced from across Eastern Africa.

“In line with our commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality and excellence in everything we do, we have taken a deliberate approach across the entire production chain – from sourcing, milling, blending and packaging – to ensure that every serving of Nutripro delivers on safety, nutrition and convenience,” he said.

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Nutripro Family Porridge Flour will be available in 1 kg packets, at a recommended retail price of Ksh 250.

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