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Twist in ROSE MUHANDO demons exorcising drama as she mysteriously goes missing-Not even fake Pastor NG’ANG’A knows where she is



Saturday November 24, 2018-Mystery surrounding Tanzanian Gospel Musician, Rose Muhando, has deepened further after  she mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth immediately after Neno Evangelism Pastor, James Ng’ang’a, was captured on a video exorcising demons from her in Nairobi.

It is not clear where Muhando went after the dramatic incident, and not even fake Pastor Ng’ang’a knows her whereabouts.

Ng’ang’a, through his secretary, maintained that they simply prayed for the gospel musician and did not follow her when she left the church.

“She came for a church service and left.”

“I am not in a position to talk about her now, but what I know is that we are not holding her,” said the man, who identified himself as Ng’ang’a’s secretary.

However, sources reveal that it was Pastor Ng’ang’a who invited Muhando to hype the crusade he is organizing with her music and stage-managed demons exorcism drama.

 “She was here because of Pastor Ng’ang’a’s crusade and they were looking for ways to interest more people,” says one of Muhando’s close associates.


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