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Two-thirds gender rule good but women must work for the seats



Over the decades, Kenyan women have been under-represented in nearly all decision-making positions in this country.

This is mainly due to the patriarchal society we live in, which has brought about gender inequalities in society, holding women back from contributing to important development goals that would benefit them.

The two-thirds gender Bill is good for the country as it aims to address gender equality.

Women know their problems and have solutions to them and, therefore, they need to be at the table to address these problems and challenges that they face.

We cannot develop as a nation when we leave more than half of the population (52 per cent), who are women, behind.

We must support equal rights for women and tap the untapped potential of women by promoting their full involvement in every aspect of growth and decision making.

This Bill is not a privilege to women and it is not a woman’s issue but a human rights issue.

The right to equality is enshrined in our Constitution under the Bills of Rights and there is need to implement this to the letter.

Women leaders are advocating for a gender Bill that brings equality. The Bill will reserve seats for women in Parliament to ensure that even if they are not voted for, they will still be nominated.

But I beg to differ, I am a woman, but I don’t support women wanting seats without working for them. In this day and age, nothing comes for free, so women should not expect special seats that they have not worked for.

We are claiming there is no gender equality? Lets prove it can be there by fighting for these seats with men and winning — this is fighting for equality.

Right now, we have nominated women leaders; what have they done for Kenyans? We also have enough debts as a country. Give us a break. We don’t have finances to support other leaders. Have mercy on the taxpayers.


Since time immemorial, we have been living in a male-dominated world. Men are seen as superior to their female counterparts in all spheres of life like politics, religion, economics and even societal.

Today, we can try to eliminate the notion by giving the same opportunities for males and females.

If we believe that females can compete with males, let’s eliminate special seats for them like women representative.

In national examination results, let us avoid looking at how boys defeated girls and vice versa. Let us say that all are our children. This way we provide a fair working environment for all.