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#UrbanHealth #Movember: Kenyan Wall Street and Urban Eatery Raise Awareness On Mental Health



It’s ‘Movember’, and for Urban Eatery and Kenyan Wall Street, it is time for communities to raise awareness about men’s health issues, especially depression, through #UrbanHealth initiative.

On November 29, Kenyans will congregate at Delta Corner to help men break down barriers and talk about their health. The evening session will encourage men to share their own health journeys with each other and their health care professionals.

Our #UrbanHealth Movember movement is also a time to witness unshaven beards in full glory; the moment when moustaches transform from mere style statements into emblems of activism, with each erect follicle a flagstaff for, in this case, depression awareness.

Women are also encourage to actively get involved by turning out in large numbers to support men and encourage all guys to talk about their mental health. A smile of recognition, a knowing wink or a kind word of encouragement from a lady can go a long way in helping a man as he navigates the Movember period.

Men suffer from depression just like women, but often refuse to do anything about it. In addition, depression affects men differently and they often use different coping methods (healthy and unhealthy), and it often goes unnoticed and undiagnosed.

Some of the coping methods by men suffering from depression include:

  • Escapist behaviour, such as spending a lot of time at work or on sports
  • Alcohol or substance abuse
  • Controlling, violent or abusive behaviour
  • Irritability or inappropriate anger
  • Risky behaviour, such as reckless driving

The public is advised to RSVP for the #UrbanHealth evening session for KES2,000, where they will receive cocktails and bitings. The proceeds will be contributed to Eden Rehabilitation Centre.


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