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Wajir woman rep Fatuma Gedi Politically Finished, the unforgiving Somali community will not re-elect her



Since devastating media reports alleging that she moved around loaded with cash to bribe MPs to reject the sugar report, the name of Fatuma Gedi has been on the lips of scores of Kenyans.

Outspoken Wajir women rep allegedly caught up in a sex scandal, a video capturing the main event has since gone viral. The man on the driving seat is rumoured to be a Jubilee politician. The scandal will definitely send her to political oblivion since unlike other communities the Somalis are tough on morals and peg very high standards on Women.

The vocal mp who earlier on was accused of interfering with sugar scandal report could face a wrath for different reason among them sleeping with a non Muslim

But who is this light-complected, Hijab-rocking lady who has got tongues wagging and a nation talking.

Fatuma who loves rocking the Hijab, an Islamic attire for women could soon be a revelation of pretence.

Here is what she must have done to offend the god of wajir county where she might soon be called “MALAYA

First of all, it is to be stressed that her community does not encourage the interfaith marriages. The general rule of Islam is that Muslims should marry Muslims. A Muslim male or female should not marry a non-Muslim male or female. The only exception is given to Muslim men who are allowed to marry the chaste girls from among the People of the Book.

However, a Muslim woman is better suited to a Muslim man than a woman of Christian or Jewish faith, regardless of her merits. This is because marriage is not based on fulfilling one’s sexual desires; rather, it is an institution. It aims to establish a home on the bases of tranquility, faith and Islamic morals. To fulfil this task, the whole family must apply Allah’s course and try to convey His message.

It is obvious that Islam made it impermissible for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim with aim of keeping her away from things that may jeopardize her faith. In fact, Islam aims at protecting religion. To achieve this goal, it prohibits a Muslim from being involved in something that represents a threat to his religion. A Muslim woman will not feel that her religion is secure while being with a Jewish or a Christian husband especially as the majority of the People of the Book do not show due respect to our Prophet, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

The vocal politician could soon sleep on her jus tarted career as her region is a Islam dominated area with nothing to question on religion.


Her only hope is to get is nomination, she seems to be good at networking and her beautiful face and full chest twins the powerful cartels can help her get nominated or land a big government job after 2022.

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