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‘We are so sorry,’ Diamond apologises to Magufuli’s government for performing raunchy song



You don’t mess with the government, that is something that Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny have learnt the hard way.

The two have gotten in trouble with Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (BASATA) after they performed Mwanza at one of their countrywide tours.

BASATA had banned the song terming it “immoral”.

This prompted BASATA to write them a strongly worded letter that went viral. In the letter, the government agency told the duo they have been banned from performing in and out of their country until further notice.

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The agency regulates music, movies and other creative works.

Reacting to this a frustrated Diamond told Tanzanian media, “If you don’t want me to perform, then I’ll rather go to a different country. I stay there and perform my songs If the laws don’t allow me to play my music in Tanzania. The Kenyan culture allows. Why don’t they want me to perform? Why? Do they want me to die of hunger? Will they feed me?”

Most people will wonder what the whole furore is about. Well, watch the song below.

Today morning, the tune had changed, Diamond and Rayvanny relesed an appology video saying:

“Japo tunajitahidi kuwa vijana wa mfano bora kwenye Taifa letu, lakini kama tulivyoumbwa binadam hatuwezi kupatia siku zote, lazma itatokea siku tutateleza tu….Ila Utelezapo, ni vyema kulijua Kosa na Kulirekebisha ili kesho na Kesho kutwa lisijirudie….Inshaallah Mwenyez Mungu Atusimamie na kutuongezea Juhudi na Maarifa katika Kazi zetu ili kwa Pamoja tuzidi kuukuza Muziki wetu na Kuendelea Kuiwakilisha vyema na kulipa sifa Nzuri na Heshima Nchi yetu….Tuseme Amin…”

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Diamond and Rayvanny have apologised in a video release. This is part of their statement.

in great humility, we ask for forgiveness from the great Tanzanian republic and BASATA for performing the song Mwanza at the Wasafi Festival in Mwanza. We work hard to be good examples to our fans and to the society, but as humans, we are prone to making mistakes. We accept that we have done something wrong and we are sorry for that. Through our works of art, we will endeavor to be good ambassadors for our culture to the world.

The Wasafi Records crew is set to perform in Nairobi on 31st alongside Kenya’s Band Beca and Jamaican icons Morgan heritage at Uhuru Gardens.

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