Who cursed out Traffic Police Officers? See what this fool from Kigumo did! (PHOTO) – Should MATIANGI do something about this cop?


Thursday November 22, 2018 – Last week, Traffic Commandant, Samuel Kimaru, clarified that fire extinguishers, jump starters, first aid kits and tow ropes are not essential for private cars.

Kimaru, who was addressing journalists in Nairobi, said it is wrong for Traffic Police Officers to ask a private car owner for such accessories saying they are not a requirement for private cars.

“It is wrong for any police officer to ask a private vehicle owner for a fire extinguisher, first aid kits and towing rope,” Kimaru said.

The Traffic Commandant also asked motorists to report officers who have asked them for these items through hotline number 020-260-381-4

Despite this, officers from Kigumo in Muranga arrested a private car owner on Thursday for lacking a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.

The private car owner was urged to appear in court on Friday.

Here is the charge sheet.


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