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Why Kenyans can no longer stomach Sonko’s online fraud alerts – Nairobi News



Kenyans online have told off Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko for his numerous warnings of con artistes masquerading as him online and ripping off unknowing Nairobians of their hard earned money.

This after Sonko yet again warned his fans against falling for the tricks by conmen and women who operate websites and parody Facebook accounts.

In the post, Sonko shared mobile numbers being used by the fraudsters who solicit cash from unsuspecting members of the public.

“It has come to my attention that a highly digital group of conmen operating under Sonko Rescue Team Kenya has been conning unsuspecting Kenyans of their hard earned money. They are operating a Website, Facebook Page which is sponsored to reach more followers. They also lift photos from the Governor’s Facebook and use them in their con game,” Sonko’s post read in part.

“I wish to take this opportunity to warn Kenyans to watch out and never to send any money to these conmen. In any case you are approached, please report to the police or CID or to my office for quick action,” Sonko warned.


However, it appears the online community is now fed up of these updates from Mr Sonko, with many of the view that he should use his personal resources to clampdown these cartels.

“You have been doing this for long. You have resource to refund us and rescue Kenyans by investigating the number they are using.”
Mr Sonko answered, “I have done my part to inform the public and to notify the CID,” wrote one Prince Kim said.

“Mheshimiwa if it’s so hard for a governor to trace a conman, how do u expect a common mwananchi to handle such a situation. I mean down here we live in hell on earth. We are used to scammers. Kama mimi juzi juzi niliconiwa 2k na yule msee wa odds na nikanyamaza,” Bernado Njenga said,.

Others users shared their own experiences on how they fell victim.

“It started a long time ago, I think last year they tried conning me by creating a fake account with your photo on FB promising me they will give me a motorbike if give them a registration fee of 500,” Lillian Njau wrote.

“I’m a victim, even after reporting to Muthaiga Police Station, I don’t know which actions they took,” Fred Kim commented while Isaac Mwibanda said, “Just take action! They are using your name sir.”