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Why Nairobi Club Is On Its Deathbed As Members Remain Helpless



Information tricking in has it that the former club presidents and former club Chairmen are scheduling a meeting to discuss the pathetic state of the club Board.

4 board members resigned citing issues of governance and vested interests. The remaining 4 board members and the chairman incorporated Vicky Tumbo illegally.
She is not supposed to sit in any board having been earlier removed in 2013 on discipline grounds. She has a discipline letter too from the Caretaker CEO, Lt Col Chacha (rtd) whose contract ended after AGM. There is a problem.


Ever since the AGM of May 2019, the club has never been the same again. The AGM ushered in Committee that had personal agendas as opposed to serving club members. The campaign was very aggressive and a particular Whatsapp group known as ‘Nairobi club professionals’ or so is the name mobilised innocent members through invites and used convincing language that the club needs change and painted all in office as bad elements. The turnout was large from that group which voted in the current crop of board members unknowingly that it was a coup in the making.

4 members elected had serious club discipline issues and they had letters written to the interim committee on their character. They were not supposed to be nominated for election. The interim committee comprised of their symphatizers and they were allowed to be nominated. They are in the board now. No sooner had they assumed office, than infighting started. A doctor wanted to take finance portfolio, a lawyer wanting to take HR and Procurement portfolio and other vested interests. The board turned out to be a name calling board. The 4 controversial members took over management roles as opposed to oversight roles.

4 moderate board members could not take that and resigned in a span of less than 3 months into office. In the history of Nairobi Club for 120 years, nothing of the sort has ever happened. The resigned members gave very strong serious issues that made them resign, one stating outright that it amounts to a coup against the club members. The Chairman is happily watching the unfolding without worry at all or maybe the situation is exciting him.

The 4 controversial members have gone further and reinstated 5 former dismissed staff who had serious discipline issues such as theft and others. The reinstatement is illegal and the board has no mandate on that. The dismissed staff were paid their dues and left and had not appealed. They were friends and relatives of one incorporated (not elected) board member to replace one of the resigned member. She is running the club like her company. The club is in red by over 120 million yet she is adding an already bloated payroll. The Chairman is just watching and getting excited.

The same controversial 4 board members have suspended 9 management staff and further forced them to take compulsory leave against all odds. They are not mandated to do so. They allege flimsy reasons but the real reason is to hit back at them for revealing issues during the KPMG forensic audit in which one current board members featured by name. The AGM resolved that any member mentioned in the report should not hold any board position. This board member is still in the board contrary to AGM resolution. The member who raised that agenda in the AGM has written a mail to CEO reminding him that the member should resign from the board. Nothing is being done. The chairman is just watching and getting excited.

The Club paid 4.2 million to have a forensic audit done by KPMG to see how the club got into a sh 120 million debt. The report is out and it was presented in the AGM in which members said it must be acted upon. The controversial board members have kept it under the table. The chairman is just watching and getting excited I believe.

Does it mean that club members are that helpless? Does it mean that nothing can be done to stop such things? The board has completely taken over management role and using the F&B manager, who us acting CEO, to rubber stamp and sign their illegalities with a promise of being confirmed CEO. The AGM directed that the position of CEO be competitively sourced, why are these controversial board members doing the opposite. Its due to vested interests. Each one wants his/her preferred CEO. Does it mean that members cannot stop the sacking of management staff and replacing them with former dismissed staff, an illegality that has a cost implication to the club?

Madam, you have once been a committee chair, kindly ask the past Club Presidents and past Club Chairmen, to redeem the club and stop all this misplaced activities in Nairobi Club. I am sure you are aware of all this happenings. The Club is no more and is being ran by activists out to revenge and hit back at senior club members. I know you as a strong leader if integrity, having worked in government high position. You were rated one if the best Club Chairperson, in Nairobi Club. Do the needful.

Concerned club member.

Maajabu ya Nairobi Club:

(1) The current Board is the worst ever in the history of Nairobi Club in the last 120 years.

(2) Its only in the current board where 4 board members out of 8 elected board members resigned in a span of three months after AGM elections in the last 120 years of existence.

(3) Its only the current board that despite the fact that the positions they hold is volunteer positions, in the history of the club, they campaigned as though it was a general election and even demanded IEBC to conduct it.

(4) In the history of the club for the last 120 years, its the current board that board members fought for chair of subcommittee positions irrespective of profession, eg a Doctor fighting to take the subcommittee for Finance and Strategy, a lawyer fighting to take subcommittee for HR and Procurement and etc. It has never been like that before.

(5) It is history in the making where club members received discipline letters from CEO and still went ahead to nominate themselves for election contrary to Club Bye-laws and Rules. It has never happened in the 120 years of the club existence.

(6) Its history in the making where the current board took over executive role as opposed to oversight role contrary to Club Rules and Bye-laws and Board charter. It has never happened in the club history.

(7) Its history in the making where the current board reinstated 5 former club staff who had undergone properly convened disciplinary committee, found guilty of theft and other gross misconduct and DISMISSED. In the last 120 years, no any board has ever done that. All in the name of vested interest, relatives and friends.

(8) Its history in the making where the current board has suspended 7 senior management staff to avenge on the information given to KPMG forensic report, a duty which required them to do. Petty offences framed up as coverup. No any other board has ever done this for the last 120 years. Its a management executive function.

(9) The current board is a total disgrace to Nairobi Club. The club is in red by over Sh 120 million for the first time in its history. The cause of that state, BOARD vested interest for selfish self gains.

You stay in Canada  my friend, hapa hakuna Club tena. Tafuta ingine huko Canada. Nairobi Club is GONE.





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