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Zari Hassan´s cryptic message to Diamond after impregnating Tanasha: I see you getting back to your old habits



Diamond´s baby mama, Zari Hassan does not mince her words to Tanasha Donna and this time it is all about Diamond´s old habits of having children.

In his new jam ¨Inama¨ it is evident that Diamond is still nursing wounds from his untimely breakup with the Ugandan socialite with the kids at large.


Love has brought enmity between my children and I.

Nowadays I don´t see them physically.

I only see them on Instagram.

This comes in after the crooner had the public raise a myriad of questions about his love for Dylan [his son with Hamisa] and withdrawal from his two kids with Zari.

According to Chibu, Love is not something one can read in books, and it does not choose wealth over poverty, it just acts in mysterious ways.


However, who is Zari to get pricked and watch?

The Boss Lady has come out to slam the ¨Inama¨ hitmaker for using public stunts and PR gimmicks, just to grab the attention of many, and sell his music.

In a cryptic post, the businesswoman expresses:

Anyways what´s popping now that Ramadhan is done.

I see you getting back to your old habits😁

Yes you👉😂

In the meantime, the superstar is set to be a father to a 4th of his bloodline from Kenya´s Tanasha Donna who is heavily expectant.





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