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65 year-old man arrested for defiling 13-year-old girl – Nairobi News



A 65-year-old man has been arrested by police in Nyeri for allegedly defiling a 13 year-old girl in Muthinga village.

The man is said to have defiled the minor twice.

He asked her to remain silent about the matter after luring her to his home with goodies.

The girl’s family only found out about the incidents after they discovered the girl regularly came home with money and sweets.

According to her uncle, the man is well known to them and used to prey on the girl when she was playing with other children in the neighborhood.

The girl said she did not report about the incidents because she was given money and sweets.

The uncle added that he had suspected something was wrong when he one day found the man buying her sweets.

He also came to realise that there had been complaints made by other villagers about the man’s behavior.

Police arrested the man after a doctor confirmed that the girl had been defiled. The suspect will be arraigned in court on Friday.