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After discovering Monicah Kimani dead body, the brother goes ham on Joe Muchiri for celebrating Jowie’s birthday



Monicah Kimani’s brother George Thiiru, is not taking kindly to the fact that Joe Muchiri is celebrating Jowie’s birthday.

Reason is, Jowie has been charged for the murder of his sister. And to top all that up, George was the one who discovered Monicah’s body dumped in the bathtub of her posh apartment in Kilimani.

“….tulivunja mlango tukaingia, nilipata amekatwa shingo na ako dipped in a bathtub with her hands tied and the water was running,” George told the media.

Monicah’s dad, Bishop Paul Ngarama narrated how he found out she had been killed. His son called him after discovering her body floating in the bath tab, with her hands tied to her back and throat slit.

“I started praying, then my son told me, ‘Ohhh Monicah wamemuua, wame mukatakata.’ I started crying there and then. I couldn’t believe what he was talking about.”

George brother added, “Her birthday was next month and she had arranged with my brother to host a party, because most of her birthdays are done in South Sudan because she works there.”

Adding, “So she was supposed to do a birthday here with everyone. She has organised to call everyone from the grandma to everyone.”

Fast forward to yesterday, Joe Muchiri visited Jowie at Kamiti Prison and posted about it.

Read the link below if you missed that

Jowie’s only friend does the unthinkable for him on his birthday at Kamiti Prison

George was angry about this, he wrote:

“This nonsense people call friendship is bullsh*t! my sisters birthday was last month too but instead we cried rather than celebrating. And this f*cker was our friend too, infact we hosted him at my sisters house a few weeks before she was killed. So f*ck friendship.”

One Instagramer replied to George”

Marisa _risa wrote: “My condolences. I feel your pain. But lets be realistic kiasi, no one is sure of who killed your sister. Only God knows, so my dear pardon us but we still stand with our brother Jowie cause we believe he is innocent.”

George responded to her saying:

“[It’s] cool you have a point but truth remains he was among the last person to see my sister alive, and we spoke that same day and he lied and told me he only spoke to my siz on phone. my point was simple friendship nowadays is overrated.”

Message from the grave? Photos taken inside Monicah Kimani’s posh apartment resurface

Check out the screenshots below.

Joe Monicah Brother Joe Monicah Brother Joe Monicah Brother

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