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After ‘herpes’ scandal, Hopekid goes secular, releases love song



2019 will be a tough year for gospel singer Hopekid after he was embroiled in a sex scandal with fellow singer DK Kwenye Beat.

The two are accused of luring a 20-year-old college student to their residence and forcing her into a threesome.

The news went viral and the two gospel singers apologized to their friends and family but not to the college student.

Now, Hopekid is back to releasing music.

He told, “I am dropping a song called “Nakupenda”. It’s purely a love song for the married folks out there.”

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The gospel singer turned secular act said that life has to go on as that is why he is releasing a song “in the midst of all this”.

All is not lost for the singer, he says that while some “holy Kenyans” shunned him, he found a man of God who stood by him.

“I found a man of God who believed in me and walked with me through it all, but kuna ma pastor walinitoka (there are pastors who shunned me) they were not picking my calls and others even blocked me after misinforming me.”

Asked if he has gone secular, Hopekid simply said, “Right now I’m doing music to uplift the soul, entertainment and encourages, whether love songs, gospel or uplifting songs.”

He is set to unveil the single later today.

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Dk Kwenye Beat

Meanwhile, his partner in crime, DK Kwenye Beat also unleashed a song with Bahati that got the interwebs on fire.

The single dubbed, Sorry, rubbed the online community the wrong way.

One Instagramer, Silicone_x, wrote, “I hope you called the girl’s family and apologized and are paying the bills for her medical fees?!! That’s the only sorry we will take and I’m sure God will also be pleased!!! The rest is just nonsense PR.”

While another, philokim3 supported DK saying, “King David took Uriah’s wife and made him be deployed in the front line …..God still forgave him na maisha inaendelea…… Sijui mnataka aje…. Sasa mnataka mtu akifanya makosa aaache kuishi maisha yake awaombe msamaha daily….. Life goes on….. Sijaskia huyu dame akiongea off late…”

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