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Akorino wife hypes her own wedding, leaves bridal team breathless – VIDEO – Nairobi News



An Akorino hype mcee Lily Karima surprised guests at her wedding by taking up the role of hyping the dance session.

Lily did away with her veil and led her bridal team in a shaku shaku dance.

She even took over the microphone to hype on as they switched dance styles.

Lily is part of an Akorino dance group and has featured in many TV interviews. She is part of youthful members of the rather conservative Akorino sect who are slaying the showbiz industry.

The dancer and hype mcee has in the past narrated how she was heavily criticised when she started dancing in a group that also included men, contrary to the sect’s doctrines.

She explained how the sect bars them from wearing tight clothing, applying make-up and piercing ears.

Young members have however started trying out some of the things barred in the church, but in moderation.