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Atwoli kills maize cartels, landgrabbers in his prayer to God



Central Organization Of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary general Francis Atwoli has made prayers to seek God’s intervention in the corruption cases going on in Kenya.

In his prayers, Atwoli asks God to stand with Kenyans and enter President Uhuru Kenyatta’s heart so as to save Kenyans from Cartels. Atwoli tells God that He created us and threw us between the teeth of greedy dogs who now want to eat us.

“Mungu simama na sisi ingia kwa roho ya mtoto wa Kenyatta atuokoe, ili nchi hii ibadilike,” notes Atwoli in his prayers.

The COTU secretary general further asks God to take the lives of any thief who might be between Kenyans.

“Ikiwa kuna mwizi ndani yetu Mungu usione aibu kutuondelea,” says part of his prayer.

He notes that Kenyans have no any efforts to deal with the cartels and thieves since the country belongs to God.

Atwoli in his prayers further asks God to deal with those people stealing maize despite them being his sons and daughters.

He further rejects the offer from the government of buying maize from farmers at a price of Ksh. 2300 per 90 kg bag.

He goes ahead to condemn politicians of remaining silent on the issue rather than fighting for the less fortunate in the society who extract school fees from the sell of maize.

Watch the full video here courtesy of News Today.

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