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Brenda Wairimu glad she gave a voice to film ‘Subira’



Brenda Wairimu/ Instagram

Brenda Wairimu joined the premiere of the Kenyan-Danish movie, ‘Subira’, at Nyali Cinemax.

The movie was nominated in 13 categories of Kalasha Film Awards 2018, and scooped five awards.

It is about a young, free-spirited girl from Lamu, who struggles to live her dream of swimming against the local custom and an arranged upper-class marriage.

Brenda described her attraction to the role of Subira in the movie written by Sippy Chadha.

“I have always been attracted to strong female leads. I had to try it out. Female characters are always complex in such a beautiful way, their emotions are complex and well-thought-out,” she said.

Brenda Wairimu/ Instagram

Adding that the storyline of the movie is “a story that is not well known. I’m happy to tell a story of someone who is somewhat voiceless”.

The Mombasa screening was a full house, with the audience including veteran TV actor Kenneth Ambani and Mpower Limited managing director Janet Katisya.

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