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Brother Nature is in Kenya and Nairobi ladies can’t keep calm



From the title of this story, many may wonder who in the world is Brother Nature.

Well, let me bring you up to speed. Brother Nature is the Twitter account of a guy in America who spends a lot of his day hanging around with deer(s). And from the videos he shares on Twitter, the deer really does love him.

You see the way one has a special connection with dogs or cats and they listen to you and can sense your emotions, that’s basically the same with Brother Nature and his deers.

It’s quite hard to tell how he has such a special connection with the deer, but maybe he’s just a deer whisperer.

It’s not only deers that seem to love him, but other animals as well. He has a special spot for animals and they love him back.

Check out one of his videos;

Well, Brother Nature is in Kenya and he took to Twitter to share a video of him at the Giraffe Manor dancing along to J Balvin’s mega hit Mi Gente as he fed a Giraffe and the Giraffe seemed to be feeling his vibe.

Here’s the video;

Kenyan ladies are just special and upon learning that Brother Nature is in the country they literally flooded his post with messages with all sorts of questions, thirsting their hearts away.

Read some of the comments;

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