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Carry your own cross, Hon Kutuny tells DP Ruto and his allies on corruption allegations



In recent times most leaders from the Rift Valley have fallen victim of the graft hunt by  the EACC. The hunt has nabbed a number of top leaders aligned to the tribe for being part of the country’s greatest menace.

The blame game has taken different angles in attempts to set their record straight in preparation of the 2022 politics. But will they succeed to keep their name clean as they seek the state house seat in 2022?

This is going to  be an uphill task as the rebellion and antagonism is at the peak.

Cheranganyi MP Joshua Kuttuny says parastatal chiefs from the Kalenjin community linked to graft should carry their own cross.

The MP said the war on graft should not be linked to 2022 politics or claims that it was being used to undermine Deputy President William Ruto.

He dismissed as baseless claims that allies of DP Ruto from the Kalenjin community were being targeted in the war on graft.

He said the NCPB was in problems that had affected farmers yet it was headed mostly by people from Rift Valley.

“The farmers who are suffering are also Kalenjins and yet some of these leaders are not coming out to speak for the farmers yet they are loud in defending individuals,” Kuttuny said. He was speaking in Cheranganyi.

He said individuals from the community implicated in graft should not drag the community into their problems.

“They steal resources from Kenyans and use it on their own. They never invite Kalenjins to get a share of the stolen resources,” Kuttuny said.

He said institutions fighting graft had been releasing long lists of suspects including people from all communities and those from Rift Valley should not consider themselves special.

“We urge the DCI and DPP Noordin Haji to tighten the noose on anyone linked to corruption without relenting,” Kuttuny he said.

A section of Rift Valley leaders including Senator Samson Cherargei and Aldai MP Cornel have claimed that the war on graft was targeted at people from the region to undermine Ruto.

“We know it’s Ruto they are targeting because of 2022 elections”, Cherargei said.

Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter and Moiben MP Sila Tiren have said they also fully back the war on graft.

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