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Cheating Couple Gets Stuck for Five Hours following Early Morning Romp



A section of Keroka town came to a standstill on Sunday after an adulterous pair got stuck together during sex at a lodging in Masaba North, Nyamira County.

The adulterous pair of a randy 34-year-old Boda Boda operator and a 25-year-old businesswoman who plies her trade in the same town, are both married and have children with their respective spouses. The man is a proud father of three children while his equally horny lover is a mother of two.

As the story goes, it was just another easy Sunday morning in Keroka town when the bodaboda operator pulled up to his lover’s home in Ibacho and rode away with the ‘stolen booty’ to Keroka Market, where he booked a lodging facility.

“She wanted to quench her sexual thirst early before opening her business in Keroka Town at 9 am,” a source who was privy to the incident gossiped.

During the heated thirst quenching, the lovers’ worst nightmare happened as their private parts clamped and their attempts to “unclamp” proved difficult and painful.

That was at around 8 am, according to reports. For the next five hours, it was an unfathomable ordeal for the couple who tried everything in their power to free themselves from each other’s genitals.

At around 1 pm, they decided to accept their fate and sought help by raising the alarm. In a panicky mode, the lovers screamed at the top of their voices, attracting the attention of the lodging attendants and other customers, who broke into the room and found the two writhing in pain.

Police officers from Keroka post were called to the scene where they wrapped the stuck couple in bed sheets and carried them to a witchdoctor’s den in Ibacho, where they “were set free from each other”.

The couple was later driven to Keroka police post. What followed thereafter remains unclear.

Such cases of stuck genitals have always been linked to witchcraft but it is a condition known as penis captivus- a rare occurrence during sexual intercourse when the muscles in the vagina clamp down on the penis much more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the penis to withdraw from the vagina.

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