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Churchill Show comedians finally speak up on the ills of the industry a day after Kasee´s death




Kenya´s popular comedy show, Churchill has had its fair share of controversies with multiple comedians coming out to expose the tough circumstances in the industry.

The country has witnessed numerous cases of comedians committing suicide due to depression, others quitting and turning to odd jobs to be able to meet their daily needs and that of their families.

Unfortunately, for those who pass on, the kind of reports that emerge once they are gone – regards their poor state of well being – leaves many in shock.

Sunday, June 28, young comedian, Joseph Musyoki Kivindu popularly known as Kasee was reported dead after his body was discovered by the road side in Nginduri area, Kinoo.

Comedian Kasee

Reports had it that the budding comedian was battling depression and alcohol addiction that might have led to his untimely death.

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Speaking in regard to this, comedienne Zainab Zeddy revealed that the comedy industry had proven unwelcoming of fellow creatives.

kama huezi nisaidia nikiwa hai nikifa achana na mimi kabsa!😥usiwai ni post acha Mafans wangu wanipost

Comedienne, Zainab Zeddy


kufa ni lazima lakini hii ya “Comedians”imezidi. ni vizuri watu wajue nini hukula wasanii wakafikia kujitoa uhai. Lazima tukomeshe unyanyasaji dhidi ya Wasanii.

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Stand-up comedian Karis also came out to admit they had indeed given a blind eye to Kasee´s situation and it is now haunting them that he is no more.

WE FAILED YOU KASEE…when things started going astray WE FAILED BEING THERE FOR YOU..

Comedians Kasee and Karis

Karis however went ahead to clarify that it was not out of their own volition to ignore Kasee´s battles, rather, that they are also battling their own ´demons´.

..but its not that we assumed it. But because WE WERE ALSO FIGHTING OUR OWN DEMONS we failed you kasee. THE SAME WAY WE FAILED NJENGA MSWAHILI.

Before reiterating Zainab´s sentiments that they go through a lot especially depression and drug abuse.

EVERY OUTCOME HAS A COURSE. people don’t just result into drinking or drugs from the blue there is a push a triger. And depression,confusion,rejection,and stress are the main culprits….

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