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City Hall to weed out ghost workers and impostors with new biometric IDs – Nairobi News



City Hall to issue all 15,000 county staff will be issued with new biometric IDs before the end of the year to curb numerous cases of following rising concerns over the number of impostors posing as county employees

City Hall is set to issue their employees with biometric staff identification cards to guard against individuals who pose as county staff.

Deputy County Secretary and the chief officer Public Service Management Leboo Morintat said that all the 15, 000 county staff will be issued with the biometric IDs before the end of the year following rising concerns over the number of impostors posing as county employees.

“We are going to issue biometric cards to identify the impostors. We are ready and we will start immediately because the cards are available. We are going for those who are posing as county staff and they should know that their days are numbered,” said Mr Morintat.


Morintat was speaking during a meeting with all revenue collecting employees on Thursday at City Hall in Nairobi, an event he presided over on behalf of Governor Mike Sonko.

Mr Morintat said that the county has been losing revenue through impostors who print fake receipts that they use to terrorise traders in the county posing as county revenue officers.

“The card will give you all the information about the holder. It will make a very big impact because it will remove impostors and masqueraders at the county,” he said.


Cases of Nairobi residents being duped by impostors because there was no proper way of identifying genuine employees has been a major challenge in the county for many years.

This has led to many people, some even former county employees, being arrested for impersonating workers, faking documents and defrauding the county of millions of shillings.

In July 2016, five people were arrested with fake building plans and approvals, occupational and public health certificates and receipts.