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Cleophas Malala now drops DP Ruto’s image from his posters



What’s more, the DP was instrumental in ensuring that Boni Khalwale sacrificed his gubernatorial bid in favour of Mr Malala.

Dr Khalwale is instead seeking to succeed Mr Malala as Senator.

However, Mr Malala has in the past had posters showing him posing alongside the DP and Mr Mudavadi.

The move to remove the DP image from his posters comes days after Mr Malala asked Dr Ruto to keep off Western Kenya politics.

How will we achieve your targets?

“You have asked us to deliver 70%  (of the votes) in Western Kenya to get 30% of the government. But your (United Democratic Alliance (UDA) aspirants keep campaigning here (in Kakamega), so how will we achieve your targets?” Mr Malala posed.

Mr Malala observed that if their alliance resorts to zoning, it might work against their victory.

“There is a need for us in Kenya Kwanza to work as a team. If we continue this way, we stand to lose this county to Azimio,” said Mr Malala.

He said despite each party fielding candidates for various seats, voters should decide the fate of the contenders instead of parties in the same coalition jostling against each other.

He claimed that UDA was undermining ANC in the Western region to the extent that it had fielded a parliamentary candidate in Mr Mudavadi’s Sabatia constituency.

“If this is the way to go, then our coming together is deception,” Mr Malala lamented.

Besides Mr Malala, the race to succeed outgoing governor Wycliffe Oparanya in Kakamega also involves ODM’s Fernandes Barasa, Suleiman Sumba (Kanu) and Samuel Omukoko (MDP).

In the Senate race are Dr Khalwale, Brian Lishenga (ODM) and Asha Ngaira (Kanu).

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