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Coronavirus nurse who wore see-through gown on men’s ward will not lose her job: The Standard




Nadia said she was too hot in her gown and clothes

The Standard
Nadia, 23, hit headlines after she was pictured working wearing only underwear beneath her see-through protective gown

The nurse who wore a see-through gown on a men’s coronavirus ward will not be disciplined- but says her new found fame is “hard to endure.”

Nadia, 23, hit headlines after she was pictured working in a Russian hospital wearing only underwear beneath her see-through protective gown.
However, thanks to a close Vladimir Putin political ally – Nadia will not lose her job over the raunchy outfit.
Nadia had earlier explained to her managers she was “too hot” in her protective gown and clothes but doctors at the Tula Regional Clinical Hospital have now revealed there were shortages of both disposable and reusable medical clothing to wear over her lingerie.

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The nurse told a local newspaper that she had to close all her social media over the furore which led regional health chiefs to announce she was being disciplined for “non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing.”
This came after she had been forced to stay apart from her family for two months while she cares for coronavirus patients, so as not to put her relatives at risk, she said.
“I’m not scared – it’s my job,” she was quoted as saying.
“I always wanted to help people, bring benefits, so I went into medicine.”
The head of her hospital, Dr Anna Savishcheva, insisted Nadia had not been punished over the pictures.

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And she revealed the nurse had received a personal visit and backing from Tula regional Governor Alexey Dyumin, 47, a former Putin bodyguard and military spy chief who has been tipped as a future Russian president.
“We did not impose any disciplinary sanctions, in any case, written,” Dr Savishcheva told Vesti Tula TV.
“The girl continues to work.
“This is a good employee, a professional, who provides medical care at a high level.”
She said: “As soon as her picture appeared in web, Governor Alexey Dyumin met her – and was in touch with her.

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“He chatted, supported and thanked her and all the medics for their work.”

Nurse Nadia was described as a “professional” employee at the hospital 

Nadia did not deserve reproach for her appearance, said the hospital chief.
“The nurse did her job, she did not pose.”
Nadia is believed to be not the only medic to wear only underwear beneath their transparent protective gowns.
“We just have nothing to wear,” a doctor told Komsomolskaya Pravda.
“There are not enough scrub suits, which according to the rules we should wear under our protective gowns…
“Believe me, we wouldn’t go naked if we were provided with a complete set.”
A doctor on the same ward as Nadia said: “I totally support the nurse.
“It very hot in these costumes for a long time.
“She did not deserve any punishment.
“Most likely she realised that the costume was transparent, but decided to dress like this anyway because it is very hard to be in these costumes for a long time.
“And the main thing is that she helpedthecoronavirus patients.
“It was totally not right that some patient took a picture of her.
“He framed her when she was helping him.”
Ex-Putin bodyguard Dyumin is a former deputy head of GRU military intelligence and in 2014 is reported to have led a secret mission to smuggle toppled pro-Russian Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich out of his country after he was deposed.
Some analysts claim Dyumin is being groomed by Putin as his eventual successor.

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