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If you thought President Uhuru Kenyatta looks really nice in his Commander-In-Chief jungle green uniform, wait until you see him in his new ceremonial gear. We are told that a tailor working on it is almost done and the hope is that the President will wear it on Jamuhuri Day. Coincidentally, that will be the same day the police will wear their new blue uniform as well.


A leader of one of the powerful parliamentary committees is up to something sinister. A witness that was scheduled to appear before the committee failed to turn up despite the quorum being achieved. A mole whispered to Corridors that the leader reached out to the witness via a phone call and proposed a meeting to chat on the way forward after failing to appear in person. The leader was overheard ‘instructing’ the witness to schedule a meeting that would involve few other committee members. Agenda, venue and time of the meeting are still not clear. House Speaker Justin Muturi has occasionally warned lawmakers against ‘getting too close’ to witnesses during committee sessions and stick to their oversight role. Are some rules meant to be broken?


Still in Parliament, an MP has been the talk among some parliamentary staff because of the manner in which he frequently changes his office staff. The lawmaker, known to be keen on details, has of late changed tack by subjecting his employees to the highest standards of office ethics. A mole close to Corridors noted that the MP does not condone anything flimsy as walking into office with muddy shoes, something that has sent shivers running spines among his employees.


A showdown between a governor and his deputy in Central Kenya could soon explode to the public limelight. The internal tug-of-war in the county administration’s top hierarchy has not been received well by area lawmakers and residents who term it as a looming impediment to development in the agricultural-rich county. A bird has whispered to Corridors that the county boss fears his deputy is working round the clock to outshine him. The mole revealed that the governor has been lamenting about his deputy’s mode of operation, fearing that he was being upstaged. Well, only time will tell whether the storm will be sustained and for how long.


A secondary school in Nairobi’s Upper Hill suburb, which is known for good reasons, could soon crumble down. Reason? The school principal has been accused of high-handedness and micromanagement of the institution, raising criticism from teaching and non-teaching staff, a section of board members and students. A mole has informed Corridors that the principal is on the verge of retiring and has failed to pay creditors millions of shillings, a matter that will be hectic to the incoming school head. Rumour also has it that the principal has tight connections and capitalizes on that to run down the institution.

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