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Create jobs for the youths to reduce unemployment rate in the continent, Raila tells Unions




African Union Special Envoy for Infrastructure Development Raila Odinga has bashed trade unions that focus only on salaries rather than service delivery.

Speaking during the 30th Pan African Trade Unions Anniversary at Hilton Hotel, Nairobi, Odinga stated that he believes the creation of unions that can use their power to think beyond salary increments.

He argues that there can be vibrant unions which can ensure job creation for their people in the country they serve.

“We believe in Trade Unions that use their power to think not just about today’s pay and working conditions but also how to ensure we create a vibrant economy that creates more jobs for the jobless,” Odinga said.

Raila Odinga further added that workers are better served when through their unions they build trust and understanding of the necessities that should take precedence and trust building amongst officials and management.

He regretted that said that as much as trade unions champion for the interest of the already employed, they should remember there are millions of Kenyans who are jobless.

“We must admit that even as we champion the interests of those already in employment, there are millions of our citizens who are out of work and are praying that we can create a good environment for more firms to set up here and take in more people,” he advised.


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