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‘Dating a married man is like driving a government car, Captain Kale warns slay queens



Dating a married man should be included in the 1000 ways to die.
He will never be yours, and there’s no way he will leave his wife for you. The sponsor-slay queen culture has been a headache to many and Classic 105’s number one fan Captain Kale is among those opposing such relationships.

Dating a man married man is like driving a government car: it shouldn’t give you any hope that it will be yours someday. Similarly, he will never be yours, you can’t take it to the bank, they are fake dollars,’ Kale says.

The married father of two had in an interview with in which he went ahead to advise slay queens to stay away from married men, stating that in the end, they will be miserable.

1. Married men won’t commit to a future with you

He says a man who is in a very unhappy or unsatisfying marriage can feel swept away by how wonderful you make him feel. ‘We may even blurt out, “I’ve never felt this way before and I can see myself spending the rest of my life with you. Ooh, your p**y has a strawberry-like juice, ya bibi yangu inataste like fermented porridge.” This may sound like a commitment to a future with you but my sister, It’s not. Don’t confuse pleasure with love. He’s not going to marry you.

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2. Cheating on his wife tells you how he deals with any situation he doesn’t like.

This simply means that he’s likely to resort to some devious behaviour if the two of you encounter relationship problems.

3. Hiding is exhausting

Sisi huficha our side chics kama Ukimwi. Imagine having to keep your relationship a secret.. that can affect your self-esteem. ‘I remember one day in campus, I was walking with my main chic to the mess, then I bumped on my side chic, do you know what I did? Alienda kunihug nikamwambia sikujui, and I was damn serious, then I even went ahead and said, this is a desperate woman who wants just to associate with me because of my status (I was a student leader then).

4. He’s got his cake and is eating it too

He has a legitimate relationship that helps his public persona and he has an illegitimate one with you to make up for what he is missing in his marriage. As appreciative as he sounds, many women who are involved with married men end up miserable once they part ways.

5. Can you love someone who is so disrespectful of his wife?

The existence of your relationship with a married man tells you how little he respects his wife by lying to her. So if he’s disrespecting his wife, then as a side chic, what makes you think he will respect you? ‘You’re like a taxi, a useless being,’ Captain Kale roars.

6. You’re lying to yourself

Despite him reassuring you how much you mean to him, his not ending his marriage. Even if you get pregnant by him, he will never leave her for you, he might provide for his kid(s) but you’ll be nowhere in his will, hata kwa burial yake, you’ll just be like other mourners, the kids are the only ones who’ll be recognized.

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7. You’re wasting your time and body

Time is too precious to waste. As the years pass by, we grow older, not younger. When people who have been involved with married men finally move on, they often regret having wasted time in a dead-end affair.

Captain Kale concluded by telling slay queens:

You should know that we love our wives so so much, we’re just lying to you. We’ll even tell you how our wives are awful, tell you the marriage is falling apart, that it’s beyond saving, we’ll try to make you believe that you’re the best, but deep down, we can’t leave our wives for you. 

He also advised slay queens who can’t keep off married men, to at least go for rich ones and make sure they invest before things go south.

 keep off and if you can’t keep off, then at least make it an investment. Since he will never be yours and he doesn’t love you, milk him, mummy, make it a business, come out of it a rich woman. Don’t date a broke married man, go for the rich ones. And don’t stay for too long in that relationship, use your brains, milk him as fast as you can then run, and never ever get pregnant for a married man, even if he promises to marry you, even if he promises you heavens, play safe mummy, because utalilia kwa choo.

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