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Details of how a Kiambu Priest was shot when taking “Sadaka” to the Bank, inside job !



A catholic priest is killed on a Monday morning, on his way to the bank where he was supposed to deposit Sunday’s offering. There is only one place, where such a daring act can happen, Kikuyu.

These guys forgot that God exists long time ago and they will do anything to get the money. But details of Father Samuel Muhia’s heinous murder point at something like an inside job.

Yaani, church members colluded  to kill their priest and take back their offering. According to Kiambu County Police Commander Andie Nyange, a gang of four people two on a motorbike obstructed the priest on a rough road. He was forced to pull over and the thieves demanded a bag that was in the car.

Nyange said a gunman shot through the windscreen of the Toyota Harrier and a bullet hit the priest on the chest. These were not mere thieves. The guys knew the priest very well and what he was carrying in the car.

They also knew how and when to confront him. Nobody has access to such information except the congregation at Kinoo Catholic church. So it is save to say to someone at the church was not happy with contributing and staged a way to get their money back.

But why kill an innocent man in the process? Priests sacrifice a lot of things to do the Lord’s work. They give up on Lungula and the comfort of family to take care of God’s sheep. But killing them is going overboard.

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