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Diamond’s lover blasts a fan to mind her own business



Kenyan radio presenter Tanasha Oketch is rubbing a section of her Instagram followers the wrong way, when she hit back at a follower, who urged her to keep her new relationship with musician Diamond Platnumz away from social media.

On Saturday, Tanasha Oketch, who is currently in Tanzania, posted a picture showing her and Diamond riding a quad bike in Mwanza, and captioned the image in French, saying: “Je t aime mon amour”, which, in English, means: “I love you, darling.”

And online users – in their thousands – took to her timeline to react to her post.

Instagram user, whose moniker is Mbarara Beauty, said: “My dear, enjoy your relationship in private.”

A seemingly offended Ms Oketch clapped back at Mbarara, asking her to “mind her own business”.

“Mbarara, my dear, it is my [social media] page, [it is] my relationship. I post whatever I like whenever [I feel like]. You can click the unfollow button if my content bothers you,” Ms Oketch told the Instagram user.

Mbarara did not take Ms Oketch’s tackle lying down, instead, opting to respond.

“Why should she prove [herself] to people she barely knows? Simply because social media [makes that doable]? She should avoid the negativity and enjoy her relationship in private. Otherwise, people will come at her. It is that simple.”

Mbarara’s comment was echoed by another Instagram user, Vanessa Murrey, who accused the NRG radio host of naivety.

“Has this girl [Tanasha] ever fallen in love before? She is trying too hard to validate the relationship. We know Diamond Platnumz is a cheat. You [Tanasha] should let him prove himself before shooting out at imaginary haters. You might have to swallow your words soon. All the ones [who were there] before you, were women too. You are not special. Just naïve. And, it [clout around the relationship] is a good move for his music career. Stop trying too hard. Let the man claim you.”

Another user, Samina Taz, however, differed sharply with Vanessa, saying: “That is rubbish. All players settle down at some point, so long as they meet ‘the one’. [Now tell me], how is she [Tanasha] trying hard? So, she shouldn’t post her love life because of people like you? Stop telling people how to live their lives… Focus on your life. You suggest she should let Diamond prove himself… How do you know he has not done that? The so-called man has already claimed her. Hater.”

Others who commented on Ms Oketch’s post include Sauti Sol member Bien-Aime Baraza, who said: “Twende sasa”, to mean “all is set for your love, Tanasha. Now start the [interesting] journey.”

Diamond Platnumz announced last month that he and Ms Oketch were officially an item.

The two have set their wedding for February 14, 2019, with Diamond reassuring his fans – via Instagram on Sunday, December 16 – that the ceremony will indeed take place as planned.

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