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DJ Mo shows us his bedroom with Size 8 after he does this for her (Video)



Relationship goals are made of this.

Size 8 has shown us how to treat our significant others if you want to exhibit your wife material traits.

The gospel star revealed to the world that her hubby, DJ Mo is the perfect father and spouse.

She wrote in an emotional Instagram post.

“It is not a must for you to be there for Ladasha Belle, for that I say thank. And to you my God, every minute Wambo spends with her father, Lord I thank you I don’t take it for granted.”

Adding, “And to all the fathers out there who are there for their kids but nobody seems to appreciate, heaven is looking down on you smiling. Go on, fight on, it is not easy at times but you are doing Gods work.”

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DJ Mo And Ladasha Belle

Size 8 continued, “To those who are not there for their kids its never too late to start the journey. Don’t feel condemned God can help you start. #celebratingdads… again I repeat to all dads out there God bless you.”

DJ Mo felt the love and posted a video of Size 8 serving him breakfast in bed.

He wrote:

“Thank you, babe, for serving me breakfast in bed.”

Her fans, of course, reacted to the news.

wanjirujoy738: Haiya Mo puts on suits too. Wish the absent dads could realize what they are missing. Congratulations Mo, for being the best dad to Wambo.

bettynah: Just to point out. It is not a favour what dads do by them being around, its a MANDATE… so thank God and congratulate Mo for being a responsible parent.

annemuthonimbaabu: I believe a father should be there for their kids likewise to the mother and to those believe they shouldn’t unless they are pampered Nothing goes unpunished congratulations to all genuinely real and present dads may God bless them

size8reborn: @brenda_osaka I don’t take anything for granted even the air i breathe i have been raised to always be grateful.

size8reborn: @chelsybolt woi, swity your child is a blessing that is if you have one never regret.

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Check out the video where Size 8 is bringing DJ Mo breakfast in bed.

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