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Don’t laugh! This is when photoshop goes wrong…



British designer James Fridman, who is based in the US, has become something of an online celebrity thanks to his comical edits, which he shares with his 1.5million followers on Twitter.

Now he’s inundated with requests from people who want him to make changes to their photos – and he takes their instructions extremely seriously.   

Bored Panda compiled his recent work into an online gallery that showcases his knack for mocking our continuous quest for perfection in the most amusing way possible. 

Doing it for the gram! This woman wanted to perfect her pose against a mountainous backdrop by having a pair of wings photoshopped in, but surely didn’t expect a bucket of chicken wings added into the snap.

Striving for perfection! Meanwhile a lady unhappy with the size of her boyfriend’s face was sure to get the shock of her life when James readjusted his face with hilarious results – and a very large chin