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DP Ruto’s man Punched, Humiliated badly and Uhuru cannot stop Laughing



By Innocent Ngare

Ellah Maina Ochieng Ochieng, you have authored a post where you have asserted that I talk too much on Facebook and that I lack the standing to question anyone’s academic credential because I have not gone to school (in your opinion). I find this post not only insulting but also made in bad faith especially from someone I consider an acquaintance.

But I will give you a bare-knuckled response. I met you through Okiki Odero Rege when he invited me for drinks at Deep West Resort. I consider myself an excellent judge of character and personality. I assessed you and concluded that you were a man of between below average and average intelligence.

Your grasp of the sociopolitical history of this country is pathetic. I say this because we discussed politics. You conversations were largely incomprehensible and I noticed that you lacked the capacity to articulate issues coherently. In my view, these characteristics epitomize someone who was in school to pass time banging women.

On Facebook, you come across as someone who is hungry for attention. You pick fights with everyone. There are times when you seem to be fighting your own ghosts. Again, you are largely incomprehensible on this forum. The articles you author herein lack the colour, oomph, and punch that should be associated with intellectual musings. Your thought process is largely disjointed which makes me wonder whether you were taught research and writing skills in college.

Back to the pith and substance of your post. Let me educate you. Anyone who dedicates himself to public service must be prepared for intense scrutiny. Everything they do should be examined. How their wives greet them in public must be dissected. How they dress must be scrutinized. Their academic credentials (or lack thereof) must be assessed, analyzed, and evaluated.

In your below average intelligence, you believe that public officials should not be subjected to prodding. Let me educate you a little bit because you are too intellectually lazy to familiarize yourself with the dynamics that define global geopolitics. In 2006, the University of Bayreuth, one of the leading institutions in the world and among the top five public Universities in Germany, awarded Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg a doctorate degree. Guttenberg was a rock-start politician in Germany. As the Minister of Defence, he was poised to replace Angela Merkel as Chancellor.

But then, a group of post-graduate students in the same University decided to investigate the academic authenticity of his PhD thesis. By the end of their investigation, they realized that it was largely plagiarized. Guttenberg was forced to resign, putting an end to a political career that was destined for the stars.

What if the German public adopted this narrow-minded view you have adopted that public officials are beyond reproach? What if that group of post-grad students were as intellectually lazy as you and said to themselves that they did not have PhDs and so they lacked the standing to interrogate the validity of a PhD awarded by a top institution in Germany? If one of world’s leading Universities made this mistake, what stops our own institutions from doing the same?

This is my view. Dr. David Ndii and other leading public intellectuals in this country have questioned the award of a PhD to a top figure in this country. They have scrutinized his research protocol and concluded that it does not deserve merit. My view is that this top public officer should come out publicly and defend his research before all Kenyans. That is all. And if you think, even for a moment, that echoing these concerns raised by Dr. Ndii and company amounts to holding brief for my Ayatollah (I do not know who this is) then you are irredeemably stupid.

As to whether I have gone to school or not, my transcripts can be made available upon request by the University of Nairobi. Finally, if you want fame on this forum, consistently produce content that the public can consume. But with your below-average intelligence, perhaps the only way you can achieve this is by attacking people.

Enjoy your day and while at it, read about Kenya’s history. The next time we meet, I want to find your views intellectually stimulating- not buffoonery.

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