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Drug addicts stranded in Ngara, several collapse after closure of clinic



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Dozens of recovering drug addicts are stranded outside the Ngara Methadone Clinic after the clinic operators refused to open the clinic following a theft incident that happened at the clinic yesterday.

The addicts claim that the clinic operators had resorted to shutting down the clinic after one of the addicts stole a methadone doze after a power blackout at the clinic.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News one of the recovering addicts Elvis Munyao claims that today’s closure of the clinic is to punish the addicts following the incident.

“The addict who stole the doze did it because the clinic attendant was taking too long to sort out the inconvenience brought about by the power black out and funny enough he is one of the addicts stranded outside the clinic today,” said Munyao.

According to Munyao, some of the recovering addicts some of whom have come all the way from Kabete for the Methadone doze have collapsed outside the clinic due to lack of their daily doze of the drug.

Joseph Sasina another recovering addict says he is unable to go about his daily duties due to lack of his daily doze of methadone that have started to affect his body.

“Some people have been rushed to the hospital after they collapsed due to lack of the doze. Personally i am shaking and unable to go about my duties,” said Sasina.

Sasina who had lost his wife and property following his addiction to heroine says

The Ngara clinic treats about 800 recovering drug addicts who risk relapsing to taking heroine if the situation is not sorted.

The clinic is supposed to be operational every day of the week including holidays.