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Eric Omondi accuses Ezekiel Mutua of Undermining Kenyan Entertainment Industry



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Comedian Eric Omondi now says KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua does not support the Kenyan entertainers.

Speaking during a recent interview, Eric said Mutua is always quick to attack entertainers on moral grounds but never shows support in positive times.

“We work so hard as young people to entertain Kenyans in form of comedy and music, some of us have even gone ahead to win awards. Ezekiel Mutua has never picked a positive thing  to say. Hajawai nipost venye nilishinda award but alinipost nikiwa uchi Turkana.” Said Eric

He went on to urge the moral cop to stop crucifying the entertainment Industry arguing that the day he leans on both sides then Kenyans will listen to him more.

“The day Ezekiel Mutua will come out and say, ‘Have you heard the new King Kaka song? He did it in New York, link in his bio’ then he takes the leadership role, Kenya will listen to him. Right now I am telling you without fear I don’t care (about his opinion) as he has not supported me or my industry and he has been put into a position where he is the person we are supposed to look up to,” Eric added