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Expect arrests in a few days, Uhuru promises



President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday promised to ensure high-profile individuals incriminated in corruption scandals are arrested in the next few days.

Yesterday, the Star exclusively published a story that two Cabinet secretaries are facing arrests in relation to the Sh63 billion dam projects.

The President said Kenyans will soon see action taken against those suspected to have looted public coffers.

“Kenyans need hospitals, roads, electricity and jobs. That cannot be achieved through the get-rich-quick way, but through sweat and hard work.

The President said eradicating graft was the only way the country can develop.

He said development will not be achieved if the revenue collected from hardworking Kenyans ends up in pockets of individuals.

The President said the Executive has made efforts to cleanup the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and appointed people who are ready to work.

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The Directorate of Public Prosecutions has also been streamlined and is now arraigning people in court for various offences, he said.

He said he has reminded the Judiciary that Kenyans are tired of seeing people being released on small bonds after being accused of stealing huge amounts of public funds.

“Today morning [yesterday], I was in a meeting with the Judiciary and I reminded them that Kenyans are tired and watching them,” Uhuru said. “I reminded them that we saw a young man being arrested for sneaking his child out of a hospital and was charged and released the same day. Why not do the same with those accused of stealing billions?”

He warned the Judiciary that if it does not do what Kenyans want, it may reach a point where people may resort to taking action.

The President spoke in Gitui, Murang’a county, during the burial of tycoon Kamau Thayu Kabugi. He eulogised him as a hard working businessman who worked for years before amassing wealth.

“He was a symbol of how it can be to be a great Kenyan and we would not have been here, were it not for the respect he showed in his life,” Uhuru said.

He said Kabugi was a good example to his family and Kenyans. The Head of State said some Kenyans wake up with nothing, but get rich within days.

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It is important for Kenyans to work together in the war on graft because it is the only way to safeguard the country’s future, Uhuru said.

“We cannot continue with this trend.” He asked leaders to stop politicking and focus on working for Kenyans.

ODM leader Raila Odinga said Kenya has become like the biblical ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ because of the many graft scandals being unearthed. He said corruption suspects are enemies of Kenya.

Raila said fighting corruption is one of the nine agenda penned in the MoU he signed when he decided to work with Uhuru.

Uhuru and Raila had a handshake on March 9 last year. “We have to fight corruption without mercy so our country can move on as a free nation,” Raila said.

He said corruption suspects will carry their own crosses and should not drag their communities into their cases.

Raila was replying to Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s remarks that there is a need for Kenyans to consider that some communities may be hurt by the 2022 General Election.

“Waititu should not be scared because those who steal, steal alone and should carry their own crosses,” he said.

A Kenyan can live and work anywhere and should not be scared,” he said.

Murang’a leaders including Governor Mwangi wa Iria, Senator Irungu Kang’ata, MP Ndindi Nyoro and Woman Representative Sabina Chege were present.

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