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EXPERT COMMENT: Sang framed, witch-hunters targeting Rift Valley, more to come



Let’s start here. Joe Sang was forced to resign. That’s the plain truth. All along it’s been clear that board chairman John Ngumi was after Sang. It is no secret, considering the negative propaganda sponsored in the media.

All sorts of propaganda is levelled against Sang and we know they were sponsored to portray him as a failure and unable to deliver.

  This was meant to give Sang a bad name before he was fired. They have succeeded — but their day too is coming. The Ethics and Ant-Corruption Commission and the DCI are investigating. Why could they not wait for the outcome?

It is high time President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Deputy President William Ruto disband the entire board that has subjected Kenya to unending boardroom wars. If Sang is culpable, the board too is culpable. It is unfortunate that no manager at the Kenya Pipeline Corporation has survived the maximum term because of witch-hunts based on fabrication.

I appeal to the appointing authority to reconstitute a new KPC board. Both the EACC and DCI should expedite investigations.

Every day it is becoming clearer that this so-called war on corruption is skewed towards one region. While I support the fight, I cannot be silent when things are done the wrong way. As Rift Valley leaders, we shall soon seek the attention of the President and the DP on this issue.

Within a short time, senior government officials from Rift Valley have been removed or fired on flimsy grounds. A fishing expedition for more appears underway. This madness should stop. We cannot have civil servants scared to work because someone somewhere — who is unhappy with an official over a tender or personal issue — is manufacturing propaganda.

The war on corruption should not be politically motivated to target individuals or communities; it should reflect natural justice.

The Office of the President should step up and protect civil servants from witch-hunts and board members who put their personal interests above those of the public. 

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