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Eyes so gorgeous! Avril finally reveals the face of her gorgeous baby



Avril is enjoying motherhood so far despite all the struggles she went through before finally getting her first born.

The singer had hidden the fact that she was heavy with child from the public. In fact, she even denied she was pregnant but as the Swahili saying goes, mimba haifichiki!’

On the day she gave birth, she unleashed pictures of her baby bump photo shoot and up to date, she has left us wondering the gender of her baby is despite the little hits that he is a boy.

Avril was never sure she would ever conceive after she suffered from fibroids. She had been trying to have a child and when she knew she was pregnant, she was more than happy to be a mother.

I had two fibroids when I was pregnant and the doctors speculated that could have been the reason it took me longer to conceive

Avril is also silent about her baby daddy despite all the rumors that J Blessing could be the one.

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She surprised us by unveiling the face of the baby for the very first time and the baby’s eyes are beautiful!

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