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Financial stability: Five things that turn on Kenyan women



To women, a healthy and fit body is indicative of discipline and self-control.

Sure, women are different when it comes to their tastes in the opposite sex. I, for one, have never understood the obsession with beards. I find beards rather ugly and put off.

I shudder at the thought of putting my face or lips anywhere near a man’s straggly stubble. My type is the clean-shaven.

However, there are women who are turned on by a man’s facial hair. Some like athletic guys while others prefer nerds.

Due to all these differences, the answer to what women look for in a man may not always be straightforward.

However, there are a few characteristics that women from all walks of life look for in a man.

Good grooming

Grooming in this case refers to hygiene and sense of style. Unlike the facial hair difference of opinion, there is no debate, unsettled disputes or doubts about women being into well-groomed men.

All women find such men attractive.

There is something about a man who looks good and smells good that women can’t resist. We like men who look presentable.

We want men who care about their appearance. So, if you’re wondering how to catch the eye of all women, start by putting more effort into your style.

Financial stability

It is a fact of life that women prefer rich guys over struggling dudes. Sorry to burst your bubbles, but yes, women care about your earning potential but it is not for the reasons you are thinking about.

It is not because all women are repressed opportunists waiting to burst out. You will find that even women who are independently wealthy will still seek out men who have money.

We are not looking for sugar daddies, we want good providers. We want men who can provide. A man with a nice job and a nice salary is so much sexier than one without.


Women have turned many a man, who seemed great on paper, down because the chemistry just wasn’t there.

I have met men that I thought would be a great match only to spend a little time with them and discover we had no connections whatsoever.

No matter what great qualities you have, the first thing a woman wants is to gel with you.

She must ask herself whether conversations with you leave her feeling energised or whether she can see herself carrying on a meaningful conversation with someone else.

Good in the sack

Unfortunately, great chemistry doesn’t automatically mean great sex. A man might know all the right buttons to push to turn you on but be clueless on how to get you off.

Gone are the days when the only sexual satisfaction that mattered was the man’s. We no longer tolerate men who don’t care about our feelings. 

Physically fitness

The surest way of increasing your attractiveness to women is to strive to be physically fit.

Women have been swooning over chiseled abs and giant biceps since time immemorial.

It is not just about the physical appearance of a fit man. To women, a healthy and fit body is indicative of discipline and self-control.

Just don’t go overboard to the point where you start looking like a freak of nature.



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