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From Willy Paul going secular to pregnant stars here are 2019 predictions



willy Paul & Samantha J

Some things are hard to ignore when celebs keep us entertained with their dramatic lives.

We predict some of the things that might happen in 2019.

The predictions are based on the fact that some of this celebs are so clueless when it comes to matters privacy hence we added one plus one.

1.Tanasha Donna getting pregnant

The only way to determine how fertile a man is by getting a woman pregnant  and 2019 might the year where Diamond Platnumz  tests this on Tanasha.

Well getting pregnant is not such a bad thing we are just worried that if she gets paged it might limit her chances of fully exploring her new bae.

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2. Willy Paul going secular

The signs have been there all along it’s just that he does not have the guts to go secular maybe for the fear of what people might say.

His latest songs lack a gospel touch and his increased collaboration with secular artistes makes us think come 2018 Willy atakua anakamatia chini.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

3. Anita Nderu wedding

The stunning damsel has been in a long term relationship with her bae and we feel like 2019 will be her year to say ‘I DO’

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4. Ethic will split

Ethic is famous for hits such as ‘Lamba Lolo’ which is the newest anthem in town. Sadly we predict that come 2019 they might break up.

They might end up like Camp Mulla, MOG, Kelele Takatifu, Deux Vultures, Gidigidi Majimaji, Tatuu, Cash Money Brothers (CMB), Kymoh and Stiga famous for their song ‘Thitima’.

5. Nai Boi,Kaligraph Jones and Guardian Angel will dominate

Two in One hit maker Naiboi and Kaligraph Jones alias the OG will command attention and rule the air waves in 2019.

Love or hate them they know how to entertain the crowd and their music is DOPE.

Guardian Angel on the other hand will dominate the gospel as his songs are uplifting.

Guardian Angel and NaiBoi

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6. WCB will relocate from TZ

As you might know by now Wasafi artistes have made Kenya their home and we often see the likes of Diamond  Platnumz, Rayvanny, Harmonize, and Mboso in town.

Things have been especially tough for Diamond and Rayvanny after they were banned from performing in Tanzania and elsewhere until further notice.

Diamond responded by simply stating that

“If you ban my songs I will still perform them.If you still don’t want me to perform I will leave and perform else where.

I will move to another country because they wont follow me there.

You can’t block my songs both in Tanzania and Kenya because you don’t feed me or my children.”

Isn’t that a hint that he might relocate.


7. Itumbi will not date Jacque nor spend valentines with her

Call him the love doctor, he always  has the right answers to console and make his friend Jacque Maribe smile.

Despite the fact that the two have denied having any romantic relations, it is evident even for the blind to see that given a chance Itumbi would love to date Jacque.

But as they say atakula huu na hasara juu coz believe you me come 2019, he will be spending valentines alone.

Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe
Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe

But we can’t be too sure his poems might soften his heart.

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