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Gospel Star Rose Muhando Completely Messed, drugs? or just witchcraft? Fake Pastor Ng’ang’a prays for her at Neno Evangelism church



By Brian Okoth

A 7-minute video clip showing a woman with like-for-like physical features as veteran Tanzanian gospel songstress Rose Muhando being “rid of demons” by Kenyan pastor, James Ng’ang’a, has emerged online.

The undated video posted to YouTube on Tuesday, November 20, by a user – whose moniker is Mulei Ule Msee –, shows the award-winning musician rolling on the pulpit of Pastor Ng’ang’a’s church.

The “Nibebe” hit-maker can be seen – on several occasions –, screaming while suggesting she was possessed by demons.

Watch the video:

The video begins by Pastor Ng’ang’a calling Ms Muhando, who was a part of the congregation, to the altar.

“Rose, I asked you to come here. Why are they [demons] breaking your arms?” poses Pastor Ng’ang’a as Ms Muhando – dressed in a fitting long-sleeved top, yellow-and-maroon skirt, and a bandage wrapped around her hand – walks to the pulpit.

“[Rose], tell that demon to leave your body. [I order you, demon, to] release her from the shackles, which have stalled her music career and gospel work,” Ng’ang’a tells the singer as captured on the video.

Ng’ang’a goes ahead to say: “Killer [demon], which part of Muhando’s body have you occupied; have you set her body on fire?” while holding the artiste, who at the time was rolling and screaming on the floor.

“I burnt her”, Rose replies in a manner suggesting the demon was talking in her.

Ng’ang’a goes on to say: “How many of you have camped in her body?”

Again, Rose replies in a manner suggesting the demon was talking in her.

“It is Rose’s manager who sent us to disorientate her. We took all her cars and property. We even managed to drive her out of her home for three months now. We are ten of us pitching camp in her body. We also vowed to scuttle her attempts at trying to regain her feet in music. We’ve placed a demonic object in her, which has completely killed her talent. You know, when she sings [for God], she spoils our business,” Rose said – suggesting the devils were speaking through her.

The pastor then says: “[Demons], get out of her. Scream while going away,” to which Ms Muhando responds by squealing.

A now-teary but relieved Ms Muhando goes ahead to give her testimony in front of the congregation.

“Pastor, I was hopeless and subdued. It is three months now since I last spent at my place. They [manager and his cronies] falsely accused me of many things leading to my arrests; they took away my vehicles; my children, who should be in university now, cannot enroll for higher education due to my inability to raise their school fees. Mark you, they passed their exams well,” said Ms Muhando.

“My manager claimed I was out to kill him. He, therefore, vowed to eliminate me and fill my position with another woman. They warned me that if I set foot in my house, they will kill me. They went to my home and dug a pit, in which they claimed was a shrine. And, that is the reason I looked for you [Ng’ang’a]. I believe God has remodeled me afresh,” said Ms Muhando.

The video ends by showing Ng’ang’a claiming he gave the musician Ksh5, 000 to facilitate her physical movement to his church.

The artiste is, thereafter, asked by Ng’ang’a to repeat a prayer after him, to which she obliges.

“Dear Jesus, the Son of God, save me; forgive me my sins and all the wrongdoings. Kindly, restore me [mentally] to my former self and allow the quality of my life to improve,” said Ms Muhando.

It remains unclear whether Ms Muhando sought refuge in Kenya for the three months she was away from Tanzania.

A source, who sought anonymity, however, revealed that Ng’ang’a has planned a crusade at the weekend, and Ms Muhando will be one of the performers.

Kenyans took to Facebook and other social media pages to react to the happenings captured in the video.

Facebook user, Amanda Kariuki, said: “May God remember her.”

A section of skeptical online users, however, claimed that the “deliverance” could have been stage-managed by the Man of the cloth after “paying Ms Muhando some money”, while others expressed doubts that the woman who was being “rid of demons” was indeed Ms Muhando.

Sharon Lundu said: “The ‘miracle’ looks stage-managed, especially how she responds to Ng’ang’a’s questions.”

William Kijana said: “If you watch the video keenly, some things are not adding up. How can someone be in such a situation of unconsciousness and still rise to stretch, into good position, her ‘kitenge’ skirt? I am sorry if I have offended anyone with my observation. However, it comes across as some sort of ‘Afro-cinema’ to me.”

EDAILY reached Rose Muhando for comment, but her Tanzanian cell phone line was offline by the time of going to press.

Ng’ang’a’s mobile phone wasn’t picked up, when EDAILY reached him for comment, and neither was our text to him replied.

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