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‘Greedy’ MPs defend high perks push, blame media



MPs have defended their demand for hefty perks and accused the media of misleading the public, President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, on the righteousness of their resolve.

Uhuru had hit out at MPs for being greedy, saying they lack patriotism. “Kenyans are suffering yet when they read the newspaper, they find the MPs pushing for more money. I don’t want to fight with anyone, but these are things we need to talk about,” Uhuru said.

Raila condemned the MPs saying, “The Parliamentary Service Commission Bill is a case of grand larceny and an anti-people and insensitive demand that should be disowned and rejected as inappropriate and unacceptable to a great majority of Kenyans if not all, at this time”.

During last evening’s debate, the lawmakers protested that the Parliamentary Service Bill, 2018, which passed through the Second Reading last week, was being distorted to mislead the public.

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Deputy Majority leader Jimmy Angwenyi said they will defend their position as state officers.

Angwenyi urged the Senate to support the Bill and threatened to axe their representatives from the Parliamentary Service Commission. “If the Senate is opposed to the Bill, we should receive those senators who are members of the commission. We don’t have any sympathy for anyone who wants to destroy us. I urge all MPs to stand up and defend our position,” the Kitutu Chache North MP said.

“We forgive Uhuru and Raila because they were misguided on this Bill. The Constitution is clear to ensure members are facilitated to effectively serve Kenyans.”

Minority leader John Mbadi blamed Parliament’s communications department for not giving the right position of the Bill. He said the Bill does not have provision for salary increments of MPs. “The communication department is failing. Why do we pay staff working at the department yet they cannot give the correct position of this Bill? This is disheartening,” he said.

Justice and Legal Affairs Committee chairman and Baringo North MP William Cheptumo tabled a report on November 14, which stipulated a raft of demands from the legislators.

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