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H E Raila takes his partly blind daughter Rosemary for a walk- Amazing !



By Kamasasa E

Good evening. I am not going to dwell much on this trending photo. This photo just trickled something in me. This Man Raila Odinga and Ida Odinga. The couple has gone through very painful and heart breaking experiences in the recent past. What surprises me is how this couple always dusts up, stand strong and move on. Taking each adversary and loss as the spring board to the next day energy. Not easy for a couple to portray such strong will. Most have failed, crushed and died of pressure.

Where does Raila draw his energies after being punched down several times? Which pot does this son of the late Jaramogi scoop new energies after burning out? How does this gentleman turn around and stand strong once more? Look today in this picture: holding his daughter’s hand firmly, walking like a proud father, shoulders high. This is a lesson.

In about 3 months ago, Mama Ida and Raila hosted me for a breakfast. Rosemary was right on the table. She was so active that you would not notice she has vision issues. She kept giving me a lot of stories away from her health struggles. I would take most times looking directly in her eyes. I only realized she is partially blind when we stepped out of the dinning area, coming downstairs.

Raila Amollo may God bless your family. May God fill you with new strength day by day.

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