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” Hatuna hela, nikaona heri nikae hivyo!” Jackline Mwende is unable to maintain her Prosthetic limbs



Jackline Mwende, the Machakos woman made headlines when her hands were allegedly chopped off by her husband in 2016, is unable to maintain her prosthetic limbs.

The limbs that were fitted in South Korea in October 2016 have malfunctioned due to a mechanical problem.

In an interview with K24 TV, Mwende talks of her journey so far.

She states, she was aware that the limbs would require servicing at some point, but she does not have the money to send them to South Korea, therefore decided to stay as she was since they were of no help.

Jackline Mwende
Jackline Mwende

She explained;

“Ikafika mahali zikakuja zikakwama nikarudi mahali nilikuwa Kikuyu PCEA Hospital nikaenda nikaona yule daktari aliniconnect na wale walinipeleka huko Korea akatuambia lazima hio mikono ichukuliwe ipelekwe huko na kuchukuliwa lazima tulipe. Sisi hatuna hela ya kulipa, nikaona heri nikae hivyo hazinisaidii mikono.”

Mwende says, that she still bears a grudge against her husband who was charged with chopping off her hands as she could not bear him children.

However after the incident, Mwende delivered a son who is now one year old whom she named Gift.

Talking on Stephen Ngila, she said;

” Huyu ata story zake sitaki..ako free, nikimuona naskianga vibaya sana.”

She goes ahead to give her gratitude, as she states Merck Foundation built her a house at her parents’ home in Kathama village and also helped her set up a business by stocking up a general supplies shop.

Jackline Mwende during an interview at her parents' home in Kathama village on August 1,2016. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL

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